Share of Voice vs Share of Market Analysis

Strategically Aligning Share of Voice with Market Share for Growth


What is Share of Voice vs Share of Market Analysis?

This is an essential analytical tool that examines the relationship between Share of Voice (SOV) and Share of Market (SOM). This approach enables businesses to understand how their marketing investments influence market share relative to their competitors activity. This analysis demonstrates not only how you sit against your competitors, but also how you can expect your market share to grow or decline with different marketing investment levels.


What You'll Gain

Engaging in Market Share Analysis with IMS empowers your brand with strategic insights to effectively balance your spend levels to optimise your SOV with your SOM. This nuanced understanding allows for informed investment decisions, ensuring that your marketing budget is optimally allocated to not just maintain, but also to grow your market share. Through this analysis, you gain a clear roadmap for achieving desired market positions and understanding the investment needed for growth at a pace that aligns with your objectives.

If SOV is above the equilibrium level, then market share will generally rise. Similarly, if SOV falls below the equilibrium level, then market share will generally fall.



Market Share Analysis provides critical benefits for your brand’s strategic development and expansion, ensuring each marketing investment is perfectly aligned with your objectives for market share. This comprehensive approach not only optimises your resource allocation but also strategically positions your brand for sustained growth and success in a competitive landscape.

Identified Investment Levels

Identify the equilibrium SOV required to maintain or grow your SOM.

Market Elasticity Insights

Understand how changes in SOV impact market share, guiding effective spend adjustments.

ROI Maximisation

Calculate the market ROI to ensure every pound invested contributes to tangible market share growth.

Adaptive Strategy Development

Utilise scenario analysis to prepare for market changes and competitor movements.

We Tackle Key Questions

How does my Share of Voice influence my Market Share and sales?
What investment is required to achieve my desired Market Share and sales goals?
What is the anticipated ROI of investing to grow?
At what point will incremental spend levels become unprofitable?

What We Do

Aligning Investments with Ambitions. At IMS, our Market Share Analysis methodology meticulously evaluates the balance between Share of Voice and Share of Market, offering a comprehensive view of the investments required for your brand's growth. Through a series of calculated steps, we provide bespoke analysis, from maintaining market share to aggressive growth strategies.

Equilibrium Spend Calculation

We start by determining your brand's maintenance SOV, aligning it with your current SOM to establish the baseline investment needed for market stability.

Market Elasticity and Growth Analysis

By examining market elasticity, we reveal how additional SOV can translate into market share growth, enabling precise budget adjustments for targeted growth.

ROI and Scenario Planning

We calculate the expected ROI from varying levels of investment, running scenario analyses to forecast outcomes under different market and competitive conditions.

Our Market Share Analysis transforms data into strategic action, guiding your brand towards achieving its market share ambitions with confidence and clarity.


What it looks like

Through detailed charts, graphs, and case studies, we visualise the intricate process of Market Share Analysis. These insights demonstrate how strategic adjustments in SOV can lead to significant shifts in market positioning, showcasing real-world applications of our tailored analysis and strategic recommendations.


Share of Voice vs Share of Market Analysis


Share of Voice vs Share of Market Analysis




Share of Voice vs Share of Market Analysis