Corporate Social Responsibility

IMS Sustainability

At IMS, we are continually striving to be a sustainable and socially responsible business. We want to do our best to minimise environmental impacts, to look after our people and support our local communities. 

We are committed to reaching Net Zero by 2030

Why is Sustainability Important?

Environmental Protection

Sustainable practices help protect natural resources, reduce pollution, and preserve biodiversity, ensuring a healthy planet for all living beings.

Social Equity

Sustainability promotes social justice by addressing issues like poverty, inequality, and access to resources, fostering inclusive communities where everyone can thrive.

Economic Prosperity

Sustainable business practices not only minimise costs by reducing waste and energy consumption but also open up opportunities for innovation, job creation and long-term economic growth.

We understand that becoming a truly sustainable business is a journey. Below are the steps we have taken so far.

CSR Accreditation

In 2023, IMS gained a Silver CSR Accreditation. The accreditation is a global scheme and is judged against four pillars; environment, workplace, philanthropy and community. It is an independent validation that shows that you are taking the steps to become a sustainable and ethical business.

Find out more about CSR Accreditation here

Calculating our carbon footprint

With the help of the Net Zero team at Buckinghamshire Business First, we calculated our current carbon footprint and now have an action plan for improving emissions and for offsetting the annual surplus.

Read about our journey towards Net Zero here

Reaching Net Zero

In 2024, we are working to understand the actions we need to take to reach Net Zero emissions before our commitment of 2030. Watch this space!