Geo Testing

Tailor Your Campaigns with Precision: The Power of Geo Testing

What is Geo Testing?

Geo Testing, a cornerstone of location-based marketing strategies, empowers businesses to refine their marketing efforts through geographic experimentation. This technique involves comparing the performance of marketing campaigns across different geographic areas to identify what resonates best with local audiences. By leveraging Geo Testing, companies can make data-driven decisions to optimise their marketing messages, channels, and tactics for each unique market segment, ensuring resources are directed where they have the greatest impact.


What you’ll gain

IMS equips your marketing with data-driven insights, tailoring strategies to regional nuances and pinpointing initiatives that drive genuine engagement. Expect enhanced local interaction and accelerated business growth, ensuring your campaigns resonate deeply and maximise marketing effectiveness.

Geo Testing


Experience targeted engagement, strategic optimisation, and measurable growth as we tailor your campaigns to resonate with local audiences, ensuring your marketing efforts achieve maximum impact and efficiency.

Localised Marketing Insights

Gain a deep understanding of regional market dynamics to tailor your campaigns effectively.

Optimised Resource Allocation

Direct your marketing budget to the strategies and regions that offer the highest returns.

Increased Campaign Effectiveness

Improve overall campaign performance by adapting strategies based on local consumer feedback.

We Tackle Key Questions

How does Geo Testing enhance the effectiveness of local marketing strategies?
Which marketing campaigns benefit most from Geo Testing?
What criteria are used to select geographic areas for Geo Testing?
Which key performance indicators (KPIs) are essential for assessing the outcomes of Geo Testing initiatives?

What we do​

Crafting localised marketing excellence through Geo Testing

Region Identification & Objective Setting

At IMS, the first step in our Geo Testing methodology involves a collaborative process to identify key regions for testing, aligned with your overarching business objectives. This strategic selection is crucial for ensuring that our testing delivers actionable insights that are directly relevant to your goals.

Tailored Marketing Experiment Design

Our team expertly designs bespoke marketing experiments tailored to each selected region's unique characteristics. This custom approach allows us to capture nuanced consumer behaviours and preferences, providing a solid foundation for insightful analysis.

Rigorous Monitoring and Analysis

Throughout the Geo Testing process, we meticulously monitor campaign performance, employing advanced analytical techniques to decipher the data. This rigorous analysis is the cornerstone of our strategy, enabling us to uncover deep insights into what truly drives engagement and conversions in each locale.

Ready to unlock the potential of your local markets with precision and insight?


What it looks like

By embracing Geo Testing, businesses unlock the potential to not only meet but exceed local market expectations, ensuring that every marketing dollar is invested wisely. With IMS, your journey into Geo Testing is guided by expertise, driven by data, and tailored for success.

In this example we can see a great correlation between the two groups.

Geo Testing

Testing the Media Investment

Geo Testing