Bespoke Analytics

Tailoring Data Science to Navigate Your Unique Business Challenges


What is Bespoke Analytics?

Bespoke Analytics at IMS is about leveraging the vast potential of Data Science, Statistics, and Machine Learning to address unique challenges and unlock deep insights from complex data sets. Whether you’re faced with specific challenges and don’t know where to begin, or you possess data that you believe holds untapped value, we can design and deliver solutions that bring clarity, foresight, and actionable intelligence to your business decisions. For bespoke solutions that cater directly to your needs, IMS is your ideal partner in data-driven problem-solving.


What You'll Gain

By engaging IMS for Bespoke Analytics, you will tap in to a wealth of experience in problem solving with data. Our goal is ultimately to use data to help you make better decisions around specific challenges whatever they may be.


Over the years we have had a plethora of clients coming to us with unique challenges. Below we list just a few.

Optimising recruitment strategy

We are a recruitment firm, who should we target as our clients to recruit to, and who should target to recruit from?


Sustainability is a big topic, do our customers actually want to hear from us on the topic, and if so where is the appropriate place to talk about it without greenwashing?

Becoming data led

We are a food retail outlet. We know that the world is becoming more data led, how should we approach this challenge?

Too much data

We have a mass of data that we don't know what to do with, can you come up with a list of approaches that we could take and help us prioritise which ones will deliver the most value at the lowest costs?

Data reconfigurement

We have commissioned a big survey and have loads of data, but the output hasn't given us the information we need to make decisions. Can you have a look at it and answer some deeper questions?

Customer Experience Analysis

Can you quickly come up with a way to quantify the impact of our CSAT metrics on the performance of our business?

What We Do

We have a three stage approach to any bespoke data challenges. Each stage is standalone and delivers value in itself.


The first step is to dig into the specific challenges and/or data available. This involves bringing in all the stakeholders who often have a different perspective on exactly what they are trying to achieve. This process involves discovering and outlining the challenge so that everyone is on the same page.


The next phase is in designing the solutions that can be taken forward - this often comes with a menu to which is attached recommendations for prioritisations based on the value exchange of benefits delivered versus costs to achieve it.


The final stage is in taking action. Analysing the data and giving strategic and actionable outcomes.

Our Bespoke Analytics solutions are designed to guide you through the maze of data towards clear, strategic outcomes. Let IMS be your partner in harnessing the power of data for unparalleled business insights.