Data Assessment

Elevating Your Data Assets for Strategic Analytics Success


What is a Data Assessment?

A Data Assessment is a crucial service provided by IMS, designed to evaluate your data assets to pinpoint their strengths and weaknesses. Through a comprehensive audit, we assign a quality score to your data, highlighting both its current condition and also the potential for analytical applications. This process not only sheds light on the value of your existing data but also identifies areas for improvement, ensuring your data assets are fully optimised and aligned with your broader analytics strategy. By enhancing the quality and usability of your data, IMS sets the foundation for advanced analytics, departmental synergy, and informed decision-making processes.


What You'll Gain

Engaging in A Data Assessment with IMS transforms your approach to data management, ensuring your assets are primed for analytical exploration and strategic use. You’ll gain a detailed understanding of your data’s quality, uncover analytical opportunities, and receive tailored recommendations to elevate your data’s effectiveness. This holistic assessment empowers your business to leverage data more effectively, fostering cross-departmental collaboration and enhancing data-driven decision-making capabilities.

The challenge



A Data Assessment unlocks numerous advantages for your organisation, enhancing not just the quality of your data but also its strategic value across operations. By providing a clear assessment and actionable improvement strategies, we ensure your data assets become a cornerstone of decision-making and analytics excellence, setting a strong foundation for data-driven growth and cross-departmental synergy.

Comprehensive Data Quality Insights

Obtain a clear understanding of your data's current state and its potential for driving analytics success.

Tailored Improvement Recommendations

Receive expert advice on enhancing your data assets to better support your business and analytics objectives.

Enhanced Analytical Opportunities

Discover new avenues for data analysis and application across your business operations.

Optimised Data Assets

Elevate the quality and utility of your data for improved analytical outcomes.

Strategic Data Alignment

Ensure your data assets are in harmony with your analytics and business strategies.

Empowered Decision-Making

Foster a culture of data-driven decision-making through enhanced data insights.

We Tackle Key Questions

How do we know if our data is good quality?
Is my company's data being used to its full potential?
Can our data assets contribute more to strategic decision-making?
In what ways can improved data quality and alignment impact overall business efficiency and innovation?

What We Do

IMS specialises in conducting thorough Data Assessments, independently auditing and scoring your data assets to uncover their true value and potential. Our approach provides a spectrum of analytical opportunities your data offers, coupled with actionable recommendations for improvement. This service is aimed at enhancing the integrity and strategic alignment of your data assets, ensuring they serve as a robust foundation for analytics and decision-making.

In-Depth Data Audit

Conduct a comprehensive evaluation of your data assets to assess quality and identify areas for enhancement.

Analytical Opportunities Identification

Uncover the potential your data holds for advanced analytics and strategic applications across your organisation.

Strategic Recommendations for Data Improvement

Provide expert advice on elevating your data assets to align with your analytics strategy and business objectives.

At IMS, our Data Assessment process is meticulously designed to transform your data into a powerful strategic tool. By identifying and enhancing the quality and relevance of your data assets, we unlock their full potential, empowering your business to pursue analytics-driven strategies with confidence and precision.


What it looks like

Through Data Assessment, IMS transforms your data from a passive repository to an active, strategic asset. Discover how our comprehensive evaluations and targeted recommendations have enabled organisations to refine their data management practices, unlock new analytics capabilities, and drive data-led decision-making, delivering confidence and clarity in every data-driven initiative.

The framework for success

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Steps 3 and 4