Econometric Modelling & MMM

Surface the insights that empower decision-making across your organisation


What is Econometrics & Marketing Mix Modelling?

Econometrics, and Marketing Mix Modelling (MMM) stand as pillars in the realm of marketing analytics, offering businesses the blueprint to decipher the complex dynamics of market behaviours and the effectiveness of their marketing strategies. Econometrics Modelling uses statistical methods to quantify relationships between variables, providing insights into consumer behaviour, market trends, and the impact of external factors on marketing outcomes. Marketing Mix Modelling, a subset of econometrics, focuses specifically on analysing the effectiveness of various marketing mix components such as paid, earned, and owned media as well as price and promotions, seasonality and economics to optimise marketing strategies and maximise return on investment.


What you'll gain

By embracing Econometric Modelling with IMS, you’ll unlock a deeper comprehension of your marketing efforts’ effectiveness, ensuring every pound spent is an investment towards tangible results. Our econometric models illuminate the path to optimised resource allocation, guiding you to the most productive channels and strategies that drive the maximum sales for your marketing investment. You’ll gain the knowledge to navigate the complexities of your marketing mix with confidence, optimising for both immediate returns and long-term brand value.

Our econometric models will predict sales outcomes

Econometric Modelling & MMM

We can decompose these models to show the sales drivers

Seales Decomposition Econometric Modelling


Econometric Modelling provides invaluable insights for strategic marketing and financial planning, bridging the gap between data and decision-making, offering actionable steps to enhance marketing effectiveness. By evaluating the interplay of various factors on ROI, our methods guide strategic and budgetary decisions, paving the way for optimised marketing investments and improved business performance.

Media return on investment

Gain a detailed understanding of returns on investment across multiple media and marketing channels.

Optimise your marketing to maximise sales

Refine your marketing choices, reducing ineffective channels and increasing spend in proven sales drivers.

Balancing brand building versus performance media

Ensure that the media mix is balanced between driving interest and desire for your products and brand, and media that harvests that demand.

External Factors Understanding

Account for wide-ranging external influences such as economic trends and competitor activities to gauge their impact on your business.

Historical Insights

Draw on past performance to identify trends and drivers, improving your strategy formulation.

Campaign analysis

Discern the elements that have historically affected your ROI, both positively and negatively.

Strategic Budget Allocation

Understand how to allocate your budget across channels effectively to maximize impact.

Forecast sales against targets

Predict sales outcomes for a given media plan against the companies targets.

We Tackle Key Questions

What is our ROI by media?
Are we in diminishing returns in any of our channels?
Can we invest more in brand advertising?
Can we leverage any seasonal factors in our marketing?
What is our optimal media mix and how many sales will it drive?
How profitable are our promotions?

What we do (our key pillars)

We believe that all analytics should be strategic, transparent and deliver deep value for our clients on an ongoing basis.

Complete independence

At IMS everything is independent. We aren't owned by a media owner or a media agency so all the work is purely designed to impact our clients and not benefit any other third party.

Strategically actionable outcomes

Understanding historical results and performance is important, however we believe that the true value is in the guidance of optimising and improving marketing in the future.

Models built bespoke to a business

We build all our models to fit the business we are working on rather than forcing data into a pre-existing structure. That way all our models are built purely to understand and optimise your business. We consider the models we build to be owned by our clients.

Open and transparent

At IMS we hate the concept of a black box. All our work is 100% open and we regularly sit down with internal data science teams to share and discuss the variables, the transformations, and the statistical tests. In our minds this is the only way models can be fully trusted to have the impact that they need to.

Partners for the journey

We don't just drop the results. We are there to make sure that the work delivers its maximum potential and are always available for follow up discussions, optimisations and strategic planning discussions.

With IMS's Econometric Modelling, transform complex data into actionable strategy, ensuring your marketing investments are both efficient and effective. Let our precision models guide your journey to maximised returns and strategic market positioning.


What it looks like

Through Econometric Modelling, IMS transforms abstract marketing data into clear, strategic insights. Discover through case studies how our bespoke models have enabled businesses to fine-tune their marketing mix, leveraging data-driven decisions to optimise spend, enhance customer engagement, and drive substantial sales growth, all while delivering the confidence to navigate the complexities of today's market landscape.

ROI by Media Tactic

Diminishing returns used in optimisation

Econometrics modelling optimal investments

Decay rates of media tactics

Optimisation of media

Increasing spend to maximise sales

Optimising Brand vs Acquisition media