Ecommerce Attribution

Unveiling the Synergy of Channels with Advanced Sales Attribution


What is Ecommerce Attribution?

In the current age of cookie reduction, GDPR, privacy laws, walled gardens, and media owner led attribution engines there is no longer a clean and accurate way to run multi-touch attribution. IMS Ecommerce Attribution Solution represents a cutting-edge approach that explores the econometric impact of media at driving sales previously attributed to Last Click models. This method offers a granular understanding of how various marketing channels work together to drive customers through the conversion funnel. By synthesising econometrics modelling with detailed digital channel analysis, Ecommerce Attribution provides a comprehensive view of the customer journey, highlighting the interconnected role of brand media in influencing conversion paths.


What You'll Gain

With Ecommerce Attribution, you unlock an unparalleled depth of insight into how different media tactics (from ATL, to digital upper and mid funnel) channels customers into each conversion channel and the dynamic interplay between all these channels. This enhanced perspective allows for a more nuanced understanding of the customer journey, enabling precise optimisation of marketing strategies for maximum effectiveness and efficiency. By recognising the full impact of your brand media across the conversion spectrum, you’re better equipped to allocate resources wisely and boost overall marketing ROI.

Simulated flow of ATL Media Activity



Experience precise marketing optimisation with IMS Ecommerce Attribution and the transformative benefits for your business. Our advanced approach grants you integrated channel insights, providing a holistic understanding of how every marketing channel contributes to conversions, ensuring that you can allocate your marketing budget more effectively by leveraging the power of channel synergies.

Comprehensive Understanding of the Customer Journey

Ecommerce modelling provides insights into how each touchpoint influences the customer's decision to convert, acknowledging that the path to conversion involves multiple steps and interactions. This comprehensive view helps marketers understand the full scope of the customer journey, from initial awareness through to conversion, enabling them to attribute value more accurately to each touchpoint.

Optimised Marketing Spend

By identifying which channels and touchpoints contribute most effectively to conversions, businesses can allocate their marketing budget more efficiently. This optimization ensures that investment is directed towards the most impactful marketing efforts, improving the return on investment (ROI) and reducing wasted spend on underperforming channels.

Enhanced Customer Experience

Understanding the role of each touchpoint in the customer journey allows you to create more targeted and relevant marketing messages. This can significantly improve the customer experience by ensuring that interactions are personalized and meaningful, increasing engagement and fostering loyalty.

Data-Driven Decision Making

Attribution models provide quantifiable data on the effectiveness of different marketing channels and strategies. This data-driven approach supports informed decision-making, enabling marketers to refine their strategies based on empirical evidence of what works, rather than relying on assumptions or incomplete information.

We Tackle Key Questions

Are my last click numbers telling me the truth about what is driving my sales?
What is driving people into our last click channels?
Are we wasting money on overinvesting in acquisition channels like search?
What channels drive people to search for our product?

What We Do

At IMS, we supercharge traditional econometrics models on ecommerce conversion channels to offer a multidimensional analysis of marketing channel efficacy. Our approach delves deep into the nuances of how channels synergise, providing a layered understanding of the customer journey from initial brand interaction to final conversion.

Advanced Modelling Integration

Employing hyper-charged models that blend econometrics with digital attribution results for a richer analysis of marketing impact.

Comprehensive Channel Analysis

Analysing the contribution of each marketing channel to uncover how they work together to drive customer conversions.

Strategic Optimisation and Execution

Leveraging insights to refine marketing strategies, ensuring optimal channel interaction and maximising conversion potential.

Our Full Sales Attribution service is your gateway to truly understanding and optimising the intricate dance between marketing channels, paving the way for strategic excellence and enhanced marketing ROI.


What it Looks Like

The Art of Attribution. Through detailed visualisations and case studies, we demonstrate the transformative power of Ecommerce Attribution Modelling. Explore how a comprehensive analysis of channel interactions and conversion paths can illuminate the effectiveness of marketing strategies, guiding you towards a more informed, efficient, and impactful marketing approach.

Simulated Profitability of ATL Media Activity