Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) to Sales Modelling

Harnessing the Power of CSAT data for investment decisions


What is CSAT to Sales Modelling?

CSAT is important because it provides direct insight into customer satisfaction, guiding improvements in products, services and experiences to enhance loyalty and business growth. However, the real impact of customer satisfaction on sales is unknown. CSAT modelling allows a company to pick apart how important customer satisfaction is at driving sales, and where to invest to drive the greatest business gains.


What You'll Gain

Engaging in CSAT modelling equips your business with a comprehensive understanding of how customer satisfaction drives your business. By understanding the nuances of your customers happiness in various different areas of your business, you are empowered to make informed investment decisions and drive targeted actions into improving the areas that contribute most to your business’s growth and success.

Relative impact of £100k investment on sales

Customer Satisfaction CSAT Impact


Embark on your CSAT modelling journey and unlock these transformative benefits:

Understand which CSAT metrics are the biggest sales drivers

By understanding which CSAT metrics have the biggest impact on sales a business is enabled to prioritize improvements that directly enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty, leading to increased revenue and a stronger competitive advantage.

Understand which investments have driven CSAT and what the ROI is

Know where and how investments have improved each of the components of your CSAT. This then leads to understanding of how investment decisions in the past have driven improved CSAT scores that have then impacted sales and ultimately what the ROI is.

Understand how CSAT in one area drives another

By running cross correlation analysis we can determine which CSAT metrics drive each other - for example does improving staff friendliness improve the perception of the checkout process.

Investment Portfolio Optimisation

Optimise how much investment you should put into the various components of CSAT to drive the most returns in the future.

We Tackle Key Questions

To what extent does customer satisfaction drive sales?
Which CSAT metrics are having the biggest impact on sales?
Will improving one element of CSAT change perception of another?
Which CSAT metrics should I invest in first?

What We Do

At IMS, we utilise advanced statistical modelling to understand how CSAT scores influence sales historically, and discern how various investments have impacted customer perceptions.

Data Collection and Integration

1) Gather Comprehensive Data: Collect data from a variety of sources, including sales figures and historical CSAT metrics. 2) Integrate and Cleanse Data: Integrate this data into a unified analytics platform that is ready for modelling. This involves cleaning and pre-processing the data to ensure accuracy and reliability. The aim is to create a single source of truth that can be used for in-depth analysis.

Model the impact of each CSAT imperative on sales

We build a latticed network of statistical models to determine the impact of each CSAT imperative on sales, determining decay rates and lags to understand the long term impacts. We then use this analysis to compose a weighted CSAT Impact 360 metric that drives the business. Finally we then build regression based models to understand the uplift of historical advertising on each imperative.

Strategic Investment Recommendations

Finally all this can be decomposed into the driving factors that show how investments can change customer satisfaction, and then these perceptions drive sales. This then leads us to be able to make recommendations on where and how to invest to improve CSAT, that will have the biggest impact on long term revenue.

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What it looks like

Explore the transformative potential of CSAT modelling analytics:

Sales impact of CSAT

Customer Satisfaction CSAT to Sales

Impact of not investing

Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) to Sales Modelling Investment declines

How investment drives the CSAT scores

Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) to Sales Modelling Investment decisions