Customer Segmentation

Uncover Your Various Audience's Unique Needs


What is Customer Segmentation?

Customer Segmentation is the process of dividing a broad customer base into smaller subsets of consumers with similar characteristics, behaviours, and preferences, enabling businesses to target them more effectively. This strategic approach varies from B2C customer profiling (to help with creative strategies and planning), to B2B applications (identifying distinct business or lead characteristics), emphasizing the importance of bespoke models tailored to your organisation’s objectives and data availability.

At its core, successful Customer Segmentation melds extensive experience with a deep understanding of business strategies to yield actionable and meaningful outcomes.


What You'll Gain

By partnering with IMS for Customer Segmentation, you’ll embark on a journey of deep customer understanding, enabling the development of precise marketing strategies and product innovations. This process not only aids in identifying the diverse needs and wants of your customer base but also enhances content relevance and website layout based on user interaction insights. From tactical campaign targeting to strategic new product development, Customer Segmentation lays the groundwork for informed decision-making and targeted customer engagement.

Segmentation Analytics


Segmentation brought to life


Customer segmentation analysis is a powerful tool that can help you understand your customer base in depth, allowing for more precise targeting, product development, customer satisfaction, and strategic planning. This approach not only enhances the efficiency of your operations but also significantly contributes to your business’s growth and profitability.

Improved Targeted Marketing

By understanding the different segments within your customer base, you can tailor your marketing efforts to suit the specific needs, preferences, and behaviours of each segment. This targeted approach not only increases the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns but also ensures a higher return on investment (ROI) by focusing resources on the groups most likely to respond positively.

Enhanced Product Development

Segmentation analysis allows you to identify the unique needs and desires of different customer groups. This insight can guide your product development process, enabling you to create or modify products that more closely align with the expectations of specific segments. As a result, you can increase customer satisfaction and loyalty by offering products that precisely meet the needs of your target market.

Increased Customer Satisfaction

By understanding the specific needs and preferences of each segment, you can tailor your services and communication to match. Personalized interactions are known to enhance customer satisfaction, as customers feel valued and understood. This personalisation can lead to increased customer loyalty and a higher likelihood of repeat business.

Strategic Decision Making

Segmentation analysis provides valuable insights into the composition of your market and how different segments respond to your products and marketing strategies. This information can inform strategic decisions regarding market positioning, pricing strategies, and distribution channels. It enables you to allocate resources more efficiently and to focus your efforts on the most profitable segments, thereby optimising your overall business strategy.

We Tackle Key Questions

Who are my main customer groups?
In what ways are my customers similar and how are they different?
Which audiences would be the best to target with media?
What would be the best way to communicate with my audiences?

What We Do

At IMS, our approach to Customer Segmentation is collaborative and outcome-focused. We combine cutting-edge data analytics and machine learning techniques with a wealth of experience to create customised segmentation models that align with your unique business objectives. From actionable outcomes to long-term strategic planning, our goal is to empower your business with targeted insights that drive growth and customer engagement.

Actionable Outcomes

Collaborating closely with you to align segmentation strategies with business needs, ensuring actionable and impactful outcomes.

Data-Driven Analytics

Utilising advanced analytics and machine to precisely understand customer bases, enhancing messaging and positioning for a cohesive customer journey.

Data enrichment

Incorporating a variety of data, including external sources, to refine, develop, and humanise segmentation models.

By leveraging the nuanced insights gained through Customer Segmentation, IMS crafts tailored strategies that resonate with each segment of your audience, ensuring your marketing efforts are as effective and efficient as possible. Let us transform your approach to engagement, driving your business towards greater success and deeper customer connections.


What it looks like

Our Customer Segmentation Deep Dives into the audiences available, sizing them for both their sales potential and our ability to connect with them via different media channels. Tailored strategies based on in-depth customer insights can revolutionise your approach to marketing, content development, and product innovation, driving strategic growth and deepening customer relationships.

Meeting the Audience

Customer types

Segment sizing

Getting to know one Audience