Market Entry Analysis

Navigate New Markets with Precision and Confidence


What is Market Entry Analysis?

Market Entry Analysis stands as a pivotal step for any business eyeing expansion into new, uncharted markets. This thorough analysis delves into the nuances of international expansion, scrutinising the opportunities and challenges that lie within. Armed with IMS’s comprehensive insights, businesses can stride into new territories with the confidence and knowledge required to make informed decisions and strategically position themselves for success.


What You'll Gain

Our Market Entry Analysis grants you the essential insights to identify critical markets that align with your strategic goals. This identification is crucial, not just for geographic expansion but for ensuring that your business targets markets where it can compete effectively and thrive. By understanding the landscape of potential new markets, you’re equipped to make decisions that propel your business towards its objectives with clarity and conviction.

Value driven

Market Entry Analysis Value Driven


Running market entry analytics is crucial for businesses looking to expand into new markets or launch new products.

Risk Reduction

Market entry analytics provide in-depth insights into the competitive landscape, customer preferences, regulatory environment, and potential barriers to entry. This comprehensive understanding helps businesses anticipate and mitigate risks associated with entering new markets, such as misjudging customer demand, underestimating competition, or failing to comply with local regulations.

Strategic Planning and Decision Making

By analysing market trends, growth potential, and the competitive environment, businesses can make informed strategic decisions about where, when, and how to enter a new market. This strategic planning ensures that efforts and resources are focused on the most promising opportunities, maximizing the chances of successful market entry.

Optimized Marketing and Product Strategies

Market entry analytics enable businesses to tailor their marketing and product development strategies to meet the specific needs and preferences of the target market. Understanding the cultural nuances, purchasing behaviour, and preferred channels of communication allows for the creation of customized marketing campaigns and product offerings that resonate with the local audience.

Financial Forecasting and Resource Allocation

Evaluating the financial viability of entering a new market is a key benefit of market entry analytics. This includes forecasting potential revenue, costs, and the overall return on investment (ROI). Such analysis assists in allocating resources efficiently, setting realistic sales targets, and planning for sustainable growth in the new market.

We Tackle Key Questions

What is the best next market to enter our product into?
Is this new market right for our product?
What do we need to know about the competition in this new market?
What's the best way to reach and sell to customers in this market?

What We Do

Tailoring Your Path to Global Expansion. We leverage advanced analytics, integrating marketing, business, economic, and demographic data, to craft bespoke Market Entry Scorecards. These scorecards are meticulously tailored to your business needs, addressing marketing, audience, economic, and strategic facets with precision. Each element is weighted according to its significance, culminating in a comprehensive report that guides your market entry strategy.

Advanced Analytics Integration

Our approach combines sophisticated analytics with diverse data sets to paint a detailed picture of potential markets, providing you with a clear understanding of where your opportunities for growth lie.

Bespoke Market Entry Scorecards

We develop custom Market Entry Scorecards that highlight key metrics and insights, enabling you to evaluate the viability and potential profitability of entering new markets.

Comprehensive Strategic Report

Our final deliverable is a detailed strategic report that covers all facets of market entry, from marketing to economic considerations, guiding your decision-making process with actionable insights.

By partnering with IMS for your Market Entry Analysis, you're not just preparing to enter new markets — you're setting the stage for impactful, strategic growth that aligns with your long-term business objectives.


What it looks like

By utilising infographics and simulated profitability models, we illustrate the depth of analysis and strategic planning involved in our Market Entry Analysis. These visuals aid in demystifying the complexities of international expansion, showcasing how data-driven strategies can lead to successful market penetration.

Evaluation of importnace

Market Entry Analysis scores for each market

Scoring by market

Market Entry Analysis Importance weighting

By market spend criteria

Market Entry Analysis Launch spends

Average value driven

Market Entry Analysis Value Driven

By Market response curves

Market Entry Response Curves