Marketing ROI and Econometrics

Using advanced econometric based predictive modelling techniques prove the impact of your marketing and media on sales & optimise the media mix moving forward.

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Media Landscape and Social Media Analysis

Using data science and AI to isolate the psychologies and need states of your audience, identifying how and where you should you be communicating with them. Which are the top journalists in the centre of the landscape and who are the key influencers.

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Traditional Quant and Qual Research in the Modern Era

The design, facilitation, management and/or translation of research into actionable insight which can directly drive marketing, communications or media strategy.

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A marketing effectiveness consultancy with a focus on isolating and understanding the impact of the holistic marketing and communications spectrum – with experience in Creative, Media, and Communications industries.

Everything we do in the field of analytics is designed to optimise, improve or revolutionise marketing and media strategy.

The time has come when advertising has in some hands reached the status of a science.

Claude Hopkins, Scientific Advertising, 1923